The EU campaign „Our Food. Our Future“ campaign ended on August 31st 2023.

This webseite will not ne updated. BUT: The fight for a sustainable and fair food system is far from over. Here you can find all partners who continue this fight – also in your country!

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About the campaign

The starting point of “Our Food. Our Future” is the statement that our food system is broken.
On the way to our plates, many foods leave a trail of devastation: workers are exploited, landowners are displaced, forests are cleared, and soils are rendered infertile by industrial monoculture cultivation and pesticide use. Human rights violations and environmental destruction are thus present in almost every supermarket product. This is made possible by non-transparent global supply chains, a lack of corporate responsibility and a lack of legislation. This leads to an unfair distribution of value creation, from which global food corporations and supermarket chains in particular profit.

These conditions have to end! We are an international coalition of civil society organisations raising our voices in a call for justice! In solidarity with migrant workers, smallholders, and human rights activists around the world we challenge the status quo and stand up against these intolerable conditions.

Our vision

Our vision is a socially just and sustainable food system – human rights-based and agroecological. A system where food sovereignty is real and all workers, especially migrants and women, are treated fairly and equally.

Our mission

Standing in solidarity our mission is to fight for decent working conditions for all agricultural workers, to advocate for living wages and incomes, to improve the rights of migrant workers and to stop the climate and environment destroying practices of food companies and supermarkets. To bring change we rely on our creativity, our empathy, our vision of change and on the unity of the European Youth.

Our demands

  • Decent working conditions without compromises!
  • Food should contribute to the environment and climate protection!
  • Strong laws must ensure human rights and environmental protection!
  • Only a systemic change will repair the food system!

The Manifesto

Learn more about our plans how to challenge the broken food system and our demand papers!

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Who we are

We are 23 oragnisations from different countries in Europe, South Africa and Brazil working together for a more just and sustainable food system.

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