Our Food. Our Future. We are hungry for justice! Together we (b)eat the broken food system.

Most of the food we buy at supermarkets and discount stores involves human rights violations, environmental degradation, and various forms of injustices. It reaches us via supply chains that exploit smallholders, workers and especially women while exacerbating the climate crisis through landgrabbing and the misuse of land by the agroindustry. Many workers in global food supply chains are migrants making a living under precarious, exploitative and dangerous conditions.

While supermarkets and big food companies – unbound by human rights and ecological due diligence laws – benefit from these conditions, smallholders and migrant workers fight for their existence! These conditions have to end!

We are an international coalition of civil society organisations raising our voices in a call for justice! In solidarity with migrant workers, small holders, and human rights activists around the world we challenge the status quo and stand up against these intolerable conditions. Our vision is a socially just and sustainable food system. A food system which is human rights-based and agroecological. In this new system food sovereignty has become reality.

“Our Food. Our Future” aims to become a movement that is supported by the creativity, empathy, vision of change and unity of the European youth. Because we are hungry for justice!