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As part of “Our Food. Our Future” we organize various events such as action weeks, publish studies on topics such as migrant workers, land grabbing or environmental destruction in the name of agriculture or offer various educational materials, from films to exhibitions.

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New Campaign FIlm

In case you have missed it: The “Our Food. Our Future” campaign film has launched during the action week 2021.

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Important Dates & Events

Learn all about important dates and events of our campaign here. Important dates can concern, for example, legislative processes, rallies or demonstrations. We also organize various events in different countries. These include festivals, action weeks or information events.

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News, Stories und Studies

Want to learn more about the impact of agribusiness on the environment and climate? You want to know why and how human rights violations occur again and again in this system? And you want to know what you can do yourself? With our scientific studies we want to contribute to knowledge, understanding and education. Here you can always find out what is new and what you need to know to be up tp date.