The EU campaign „Our Food. Our Future“ campaign ended on August 31st 2023.

This webseite will not ne updated. BUT: The fight for a sustainable and fair food system is far from over. Here you can find all partners who continue this fight – also in your country!

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Action week

17 April – 1 May 2023

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Our vision for the future: A food system based on agroecology

It is time for a radical change in our food system. We demand a socially and environmentally responsible agriculture and food production system that puts farmers, producers and the preservation of ecosystems at the centre of descision making. This approach has a name: Agroecology.

Why? Because the way we eat in Europe destroys the environment and violates human rights. Therefore, together with thousands of people, farmers and activits, we fight for laws that effectively protect people and the environment from exploitatiove coprorate actions.

We have already achieved a lot on this way – and we won’t stop here!

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Success in numbers



...emails were sent in 2021 to the EU Commission with concrete demands on what a strong supply chain law mus look like and include.



...signatures support our demands for a strong EU supply chain law - united in the petition of the "Justice is everbodies business" campaign that we support.

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...young Europeans were mobilized or trained to advocate for a change of the food system.


Become active for our future

To achieve fundamental changes in our food system, we need to be many. Though becoming active an a local group or a political campaign can seem intimidating at first, we know from experience that there are ways for everyone to make a difference.

Want to find out what you can do to fix this unjust system? You want to so something about the global challenges of climate change, flight and displacement?

Our activist guide will help you get things going yourself and make your voice heard. Even when the campaign ends, the fight for good food must go on!

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Join our activities

You want to join our fight fora fair and sustainable food system? Find out what activities are planned near your location. Use the map to find activities planned by parners during Action Week 2023 all over Europe!

We are hungry for agroecology!

We want to change the food system for the better. We fight for our future vision of a food system based on agroecological principles and how this could change the interactions between plants, animals, people and the environment while being socially just in production.


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Want to cook ecologically? Get inspired by our recipes from all partner organizations of “Our Food. Our Future” from 12 different European countries, such as France, Spain or Poland, but also from the global south. All dishes have in common that they are sustainable in some way – whether they are transport-friendly, vegan or produce no waste.

Enjoy trying!

About us

We are a coalition of 21 civil society organizations from Europe, Brazil and South Africa working for a fairer and more sustainable food system. Learn more about the organizations behind “Our Food. Our Future”, our demands and goals.


Broken Food System

Find out how industrial agriculture is destroying nature and contributing significantly to climate change. Learn about the human rights abuses that take place along global agricultural supply chains that bring our food to us.

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