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Revealing the dark side of Piana del Sele’s agricultural power

Piana del Sele, in the Campania region of Italy, is an agricultural area of roughly 700 km² located in in the province of Salerno and to the south of its provincial capital. The area is well-known in public debate and among sector operators for its high agricultural production levels, yet is just as marked – but this remains mainly in the shadows – by practices exploiting the migrant and local labour force.
In this report, WeWorld contributes to spotlighting the dark side of Piana del Sele: the one producing labour exploitation and precarious living conditions for an ever-growing number of labourers, and which co-exists alongside fair practices. More specifically, the intent is to focus on the most vulnerable social component in this context: the female workforce. An axis of powerful gender-based oppression runs through this entire group, along with labour exploitation ‒ factors that shape female agricultural labourers’ lives.

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