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A flawed system: Issues in the Spanish berry sector

The red fruit-producing area of Huelva (in the region of Andalusia, Spain) is an agro-industrial enclave that has undergone great development in the last decades.
Its success is based on special natural conditions that allow for extra early production, and on a highly technical, labor-intensive, and energy-intensive way of cultivation. This has made it Europe’s leading red fruit producer and one of the most important producers in the world.

This export agro-industry has generated considerable wealth, but also great problems, both environmental and related to the socio-labour abuse (among others) by working people of the sector. In this research paper, our partner Andalucia Acoge highlights these social and environmental costs in the Spanish red fruit production.

For the full paper in Spanish or English, please scroll to the PDF download below (bilingual document, English version starts on page 59)