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(B)eat the system

How can young Europeans raise their voices to demand for a fairer and more sustainable food system? By fighting together and by sharing your ideas! Let’s get creative with our „(B)eat the system“ youth idea contest. Think about how to raise awareness for the existing injustices present within our global supply chains. A massive flash mob on social media, a colourful rally in front of parliament or an online game that lets you experience the life of a farm worker: How should we pressure businesses to stop worker exploitation? And how should we demanding change from European politicians?

If you have an idea how to change the world for the better – let us know and share your idea with us!
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We are looking for ideas that...

  • revolve around our campaign issues,
  • motivate Europeans to come together and fight,
  • raise awareness for our cause,
  • can be implemented on a local, national or international level,
  • encourage activism and build activist networks,
  • are innovative and creative,
  • build pressure on the institutions responsible, in particular big food companies, supermarket chains, and European/national politicians, and
  • can be implemented on or offline.

And these are the rules of the game

  • Up to 10 people can submit an idea together.
  • You can submit as many ideas as you would like.
  • Participants must be between the ages 15 and 35 to participate.
  • Minors under 18 need a declaration of consent from parents.
  • You can choose a fictional name for your group to be de published on the website.
  • Winners will be picked through an online voting system in September 2021. During the voting phase you will have the opportunity to give hearts to the idea you like the most.
  • If you win, you might be asked to participate in an award ceremony. The exact date and location of the ceremony has not yet been determined. However, we would contact the winners as soon as possible.
  • Your idea may be selected and implemented across Europe under the “Our Food. Our Future” campaign. Ideally this execution should be organised with you, the creators, and with the full support of the campaign team and a PR agency.
  • The best ideas will also win prizes such as sustainable short trips across Europe!
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Share your Idea

Our European movement needs creative and fresh ideas that are coming from a grassroots basis to find new ways to protest. You always knew how to make a difference but couldn’t do it alone? Now is your chance!


Contest Ideas so far


The best ideas will be implemented in the campaign and awarded various prizes. For example, first place winners will receive a sustainable short weekend trip in Europe.


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Terms and Conditions

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