The EU campaign „Our Food. Our Future“ campaign ended on August 31st 2023.

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The food sharing shelf

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Whats your Action Idea?

Originally connecting with nearby charity-teams, there could be way more efficiency in reference to groceries, which could get regrown than bought at stores & "donating" shouldn't be limited to opening-hours of buildings, rather depending on uniting neighbors & caring for ressourcing than relying of expiring-dates or using wrapped or frozen food, sugar & oil could vary while my idea should be focused on nature, manually designed and accessible by everyone, anytime and independent of height/amount of coins/etc. Also which types getting shared at those places could make a difference too, will there be optional wrappings if the user that passed by, likes to store food in there or just looking for garbage-bags that's getting shared than just trashed, I guess "waste" do have a different meaning in society, others tend to prefer meat or being vegan, I'm a vegetarian and thinking of guidelines for shelves that get authorized by the owners who bought that surrounded area, there could be the fact being against the slaughter of animals, same as ressources that are unsuitable for minors e.g. tabacco, harmful objects, etc. getting shared to those shelves.

What do you need to realize your idea?

There are some ways of implementing them, like thinking of designs that stores food/accessoires/clothes/etc. solid and durable if referring to weather, stating the ones who likes to be nicknamed as supporters, also authorized to be built at those place/s, with suggestions of similar projects & taken care by a team or just myself to host ressouces than just recycling. Fairness and LGBTIQ+ could be highlighted like as in its shelves painted in rainbow-colours, same as translations for german and english-language or icons to stay international. It also needs possible motivation for meeting people, focusing on personality & optionally teaming-up for spreading similar thoughts worldwide. It could be useful to start a photo's blog or sharing thoughts and could include coding apps in HTML.

How does your idea help our fight for fair and sustainable food system?

Stores offer different prices depending on labels, anyway brands hardly refer to facts if it's unique just added cachets gets it rather personalized. Still there are many wrapped products out there where customers get its sealing than reusing the previous ones, it's about simplicity like which bag you'd use, if it's durable against rain or weight, also if you buy it or designing a costum D.I.Y.-version which could be even inspired for sewing clothes' shapes or using a manual scooter than driving a car, using nature's sun if feeling like light should reflect within a room or by using a dynamo for electricity than plugging-in a cable into a socket by borrowing additional ressources instead. Nature wouldn't need streets or traffic-lights to be safe, it'd rather industries that suggests you to buy than focusing on humanity. Just a single person could be the one that believes in an idea, getting the world more connected than divided as "outcasts", staying origin than being a stereotype, feeling comfortable and conviced than prejudging, trying to stay for what's worth living's nature that starts life, focusing in a similar way could get rid of excess materials than letting machines taking over.

Why is your idea a winner?

It sound simple still costs just time & inspiration, even existed long time ago before machines were supposed to sound better than manual designs, when farmers just offered food than needing stickers that states them being fair or bio, if people prefer something new then there could a vintage-method that inspires, I guess using no currency & focusing on nature, being just affected by someone's character same as caring, no matter if that person being a stranger yet ...everyone could probably changing other's mind in a positive way, indepedent of language they'd speak. Freedom sounds more valuable so if you spend time with someone you like and that sounds right, let them face your authentic self than just stuff you own.

Have you already tried the action idea? If so, tell us what you experienced!?

I've inspired someone to use the same cup for the hot-beverage machine, same for re-using own cotton/paper-bags for pastries while I think if someone offers stuff for free that's owned by them, it could even technically getting rid of locks because minimalism could affect in a positive way of focusing on sharing than keeping, reducing sizes of apartments or maybe inspire for hosting a barn someday? And I'm bit of sewing clothing-types inspired by shape and fabric than just labels, scripting strategic-games with hints of features that could be useful still there are optional ways that affects its storyline too.

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