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Our objective is to carry out the projects in two parts which work hand in hand. The first part contains …

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Meals for Your Peers

Meals for Your Peers is a local project, a silky form of protest against poverty, inequalities and injustice, consisting in …

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Foodwaste Lab Dinners

The idea is simple, but very effective: the coordinators sets up a plan with volunteers. twice a week two people …

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Georgian Rebels for climate change and food justic

Don’t make us climate killers. According to the current situation in Georgia, the government is very ignorant towards climate change …

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Running Steak

Our idea is to create a mobile game (app) that will convey knowledge about the harmful effects of high-emission food …

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Show us your eggs!

People should be more mindfull of what they are buying and buy only eggs with the 0 and 1 code. …

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We want to encourage food providers to offer the option for customers to pay full price for the meal, but …

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The idea consists of monthly dinners for 20 people, in which the ingredients of the meals are from local farmers …

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The Plant Based Switch

If we are serious about reducing the emissions from our food systems and the impact animal agriculture has on land …

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A massive flash mob on social media, a colourful rally in front of parliament or an online game that lets you experience the life of a farm worker: our European movement needs creative and fresh ideas that are coming from a grassroots basis to find new ways to protest. You always knew how to make a difference but couldn’t do it alone? Now is your chance!


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