The EU campaign „Our Food. Our Future“ campaign ended on August 31st 2023.

This webseite will not ne updated. BUT: The fight for a sustainable and fair food system is far from over. Here you can find all partners who continue this fight – also in your country!

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The contest has come to an end. Here you can see all submitted ideas and the votes. We will inform the winners shortly and take the next steps. Stay tuned!

Meals for Your Peers

Meals for Your Peers is a local project, a silky form of protest against poverty, inequalities and injustice, consisting in …

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The idea consists of monthly dinners for 20 people, in which the ingredients of the meals are from local farmers …

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We want to encourage food providers to offer the option for customers to pay full price for the meal, but …

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Georgian Rebels for climate change and food justice

Don’t make us climate killers. According to the current situation in Georgia, the government is very ignorant towards climate change …

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The Plant Based Switch

If we are serious about reducing the emissions from our food systems and the impact animal agriculture has on land …

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The food sharing shelf

Originally connecting with nearby charity-teams, there could be way more efficiency in reference to groceries, which could get regrown than …

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Running Steak

Our idea is to create a mobile game (app) that will convey knowledge about the harmful effects of high-emission food …

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Show us your eggs!

People should be more mindfull of what they are buying and buy only eggs with the 0 and 1 code. …

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Our objective is to carry out the projects in two parts which work hand in hand. The first part contains …

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It’s an app on, that will be used online for searching for traded ressources or adding own ones to …

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Foodwaste Lab Dinners

The idea is simple, but very effective: the coordinators sets up a plan with volunteers. twice a week two people …

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Eat the science

With the Instagram account @EatTheScience Sarah (nutritionist to be, MSc) and Hanna (environmental scientist, MSc) provide background, facts about sustainable …

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