The EU campaign „Our Food. Our Future“ campaign ended on August 31st 2023.

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Mancare cu Suflet ( Food with Soul)

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Whats your Action Idea?

We want to encourage food providers to offer the option for customers to pay full price for the meal, but only receive 75% of it. The other 25% would be donated at the end of the day/ give time period, the food already payed for, would be donated to a charity that feeds the needy.

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What do you need to realize your idea?

It requaires an online platform where food providers can register and some social buzz so that people will actually know it. Also, for the brick and mortar restaurants, and drive thrus, there is a need for a poster/ page in the menu to explain it to customers who will not see it online. Also, on the platform there is a need to see the beneficiaries.

How does your idea help our fight for fair and sustainable food system?

Many people that eat in a restaurant or that order food through delivery, don’t eat the full meal, so arount 25% of the food is thrown away. The 3:1 option would allow people to receive 75% of their meal, and make a food donation to someone in need, and not thrown away as partially eaten food. It will also bridge a gap between people who need a meal, and people who usually don't donate, and it will show that a donation as small as 1 ron ( 1/4 from the price of a chips portion) can go a long way.

Why is your idea a winner?

It is a winning idea because it capitalize on the concept of "waiting coffee" - that created a big buzz ( people would pay a coffee for somebody who couldn't afford it) . As mentioned before it offers people a great option to share their meal with people in need, even if it is a portion of french fries. Arround 25% of the food goes to waste, because restaurants have to offer bigger portions - in order to prove value for money, and food that was partially eaten could not have been offered for people in need, but with the 3:1 option, the food will be set appart from the beginning, and thus will be proper to be offered.

Have you already tried the action idea? If so, tell us what you experienced!?

We've had a try with a "waiting sandwich" - so people would pay the full price for a sandwich that would been donated. And in 4 days, we had people donating 30 sandwhices. We believe that this could work as well: people would pay for a medium pizza, and would receive a small pizza - and at the end of the day, we would calculate the money and make pizza and offer it to a partner charity.

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