The EU campaign „Our Food. Our Future“ campaign ended on August 31st 2023.

This webseite will not ne updated. BUT: The fight for a sustainable and fair food system is far from over. Here you can find all partners who continue this fight – also in your country!

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Whats your Action Idea?

Our objective is to carry out the projects in two parts which work hand in hand. The first part contains short videos (interviews) about the food habits of the inhabitants of Idrija and the farmers who are selling their products on the market and to get to know their opinion on the agriculture of these days and what the Covid crisis has changed for them. With all this materials we will create different videos to promote this local producers on social media which the most important tool to reach wider population and encorage them to GO LOCAL! Second part which will take turn after the first promo video is a workshop/debate group with young local people. The video will be starting point of the conversation about sustainable diet and consumers, we will invite them to join our promotion in local community and to collaborate on the future videos. And develope ideas for events on this topic.

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What do you need to realize your idea?

Our projects needs are: - camera to record the interviews to publish them in our official social media profiles of the Youth Center Idrija (Facebook, Instagram,website), - app for editing video.

How does your idea help our fight for fair and sustainable food system?

Our project helps in different ways. Far the most important is to attract other young people and give initiative in the local community for more sustainable food system. This way we will activate participation of local youth to make bigger impact in our local community with recogniction of the local food products. We will raise awareness about the problem of the food system and also how Covid-19, we will help local farmers, the people will benefit by eating healthier, and consequently make cleaner surroundings by lowering waste and reducing importation. The project is focused in Idrija but the youth goes after highschool to study in bigger cities and they can take their knowledge and practices gained with our actions with them.

Why is your idea a winner?

The main idea that we want to put across is: Why to buy food from "who knows where", if you can have local, ecofriendly and accesible products near to you. This is the first interview in this region that links the youth local population with the farmers in a sustainable and educational way. We are sure that if we encourage people (especially the youth) through our videos, they will be more aware and what they can do to live in a more green and responsible world.

Have you already tried the action idea? If so, tell us what you experienced!?

We have not done these kind of actions idea yet. However, our team members are involved with local community and/or other projects that are aiming to the sustainable living and we see the problem of shopping centers and the lack of buying locally. Through workshops made with highschool students we saw an interest to promote more sustainable living, but they need encouragement and other young people to give the initative for them to join and make an opportunity to be active in local community.

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