The EU campaign „Our Food. Our Future“ campaign ended on August 31st 2023.

This webseite will not ne updated. BUT: The fight for a sustainable and fair food system is far from over. Here you can find all partners who continue this fight – also in your country!

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Georgian Rebels for climate change and food justice

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Whats your Action Idea?

Don’t make us climate killers. According to the current situation in Georgia, the government is very ignorant towards climate change and food sovereignty. The government doesn't support or promote food sovereignty and people are not aware of this topic. We want to put pressure on Governmental organizations, show them that this is a crucial topic and we need to act today. Being ignorant and avoiding responsibilities will not lead us to good consequences. The government is accountable to provide people with necessary information when it comes about food and food choice. Raising awareness and knowing how big an influence the food system could have on climate change. Our idea is Performative action, a theatrical presentation of People are sitting around a table and eating food. There is lots of food waste around. These scenes are gonna be very dramatic. the Government and corporations bring some bloody food. Then there will be shown our main messages towards the Government and people. “Climate change happens temporarily and your food choice has a big influence on it”, “Be aware of consequences of your food choice“, “tell people the truth about the food system and climate change”.... This performance will take place in Tbilisi, at the biggest food court. Our goal is to empower people to act and connect the problem. Raising awareness how the food system affects climate change and facilitates involvement . Put pressure on Governmental organisations to give us the necessary information to make more informed decisions when it comes to food choices.

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What do you need to realize your idea?

Mobilisation of young people around the topic. Prepare all details before the performance will be presented. Invite local performers who can perform from the Board audience. Materials for performance like table, costumes, food, posters, etc. social media for promoting the performance. Allies who will contribute to spreading our message can be NGOs, influencers, Youth Centers, climate strike organisations.

How does your idea help our fight for fair and sustainable food system?

It’s not possible to have a real positive influence on climate change if you don't have the correct attitude towards the problem. Sometimes we need to put pressure on responsible organisations to start acting against it. We want to remind governmental organisations and people that this is crucial and an emergency, we don't have so much time to hesitate and waste time. First, we raise this issue once again in a shocking way. The governmental organisations will not be able to neglect or avoid it. This performance will be broadcasting on social media and will be promoted by our allies. We can reach a big audience and raise their awareness. People will hear about how our daily food choice could influence climate change.

Why is your idea a winner?

It's not very common to see youngsters performing for food justice and climate change. We all acknowledge this problem but not often express it in such a shocking way. We as rebels believe that sometimes we need to be shocked by truth then stay silent and ignorant. Creativity, risk and passion about these topics are advantages of this idea. We strongly believe that our idea deserves to be implemented because it's something that should be occurring now, we can't wait for long. We need to spread our messages now and reach thousands of people who never thought about this issue and have no idea what the problem is.

Have you already tried the action idea? If so, tell us what you experienced!?

We, Rebelution team, have been experienced in implementing several projects and programs. But it's our first time that we are inspired to do something new, performative action and it's kind of challenging but we are so motivated to implement it in our reality, because I don't remember if anybody has fulfilled such performative action related to food justice and climate change at the same time in Georgia.

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