The EU campaign „Our Food. Our Future“ campaign ended on August 31st 2023.

This webseite will not ne updated. BUT: The fight for a sustainable and fair food system is far from over. Here you can find all partners who continue this fight – also in your country!

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Meals for Your Peers

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Meals for Your Peers

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Whats your Action Idea?

Meals for Your Peers is a local project, a silky form of protest against poverty, inequalities and injustice, consisting in weekly voluntary food donations and food preparation for our 150 poor people. Our proposed action idea is based on reducing food consumption, on sparing aliments that

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What do you need to realize your idea?

Some stationary, cardboards and, perhaps, proper resources to multiply the voluntary action.

How does your idea help our fight for fair and sustainable food system?

Having a larger impact, the project will improve the quality of our life, reducing poverty, inequalities, enhancing classroom work, as the educational activities related to the project are integrated into the classroom activities by our coordinator,making us aware of the value of the sustainable approach based on reducing in general. Our academic results will be better and better, in the context of the integral / holistic development of our personality, which relates to man, as a whole. Starting from the specificity of project-based learning and from the principle of coherence in didactic “narrative” / transcurricular education, also in the pandemics, we are making our best to carry on the “story”, stimulating students' motivation to learn, becoming aware that social practice can be integrated into the curricula, solving problems, taking into account all aspects of the human personality, which requires the development of all the competences of the XXI century, using attractive digital tools: VoiceThread, Animoto, MovieMaker, Smilebox, Lino, Picasa3 and Photo Story. In the multiple activities of reflection and feedback, we analyzed aspects of active citizenship - the impact of volunteering on the inclusion of marginalized / potentially excluded / from disadvantaged backgrounds, the role of volunteering in personal development, volunteering - a step towards employability. The projects created the impetus for connecting the community, discovering each other and creating valuable human connections with people who share the same interests, while helping the teacher in the difficult process of social inclusion of students from marginalized backgrounds, stimulating students' self-esteem. who come from very poor families, with fewer opportunities in the labor market after graduation, helping them understand where they can intervene to become independent and responsible members of society, by their active involvement in and out of the classroom, in local campaigns. Following direct observation and discussions with students, we found that the teacher-student relationship has certainly improved, in volunteering collaboration, stimulating mutual trust and motivation for learning.

Why is your idea a winner?

Of course, it is both fun and emotional, but most of all, starting with the motto "Be the change you want to see in the world!", "Only together we can create a community defined by cohesion, peace and dignity”,we can address the first sustainable goal-eradicating poverty / fighting against hunger at the community level - , by involving other students in the volunteering program "MEALS FOR YOUR PEERS", because we really want to determine a social change, creating the opportunity for the youth to get involved,creating a connected community, with people of different ages,who want to financially support sustainable projects in which they believe. Reducing food’s environmental impacts through consumers that reduce food consumption, promoting a dietary change that excludes animal products, has transformative potential, reducing food’s land use including a 19% reduction in arable land, billion metric tons of CO2eq (a 49% reduction); acidification by 50% (45 to 54%); eutrophication by 49% (37 to 56%); and scarcity-weighted freshwater withdrawals by 19% (−5 to 32%) for a 2022 reference year . In addition to the reduction in food’s annual GHG emissions, the land no longer required for food production could remove ~8.1 billion metric tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year over 100 years as natural vegetation reestablishes and soil carbon re-accumulates.

Have you already tried the action idea? If so, tell us what you experienced!?

Yes, we have also put our action idea to practice several times together with other volunteers of all ages, preparing food weekly or making food donations for our 150 people target.The experience has made us feel fulfilled as persons,also rewarding our sustainable perspective on food.

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